About 57˙Nord

57˙Nord is a boat event company. The business was launched in 2017 after Rikard and Niclas worked on an idea that would fill a gap in the boat charter market in Gothenburg. 57˙Nord is able to offer a more luxurious and comfortable boating experience than other more traditional RIB tours, with a boat that can hold up to 10 passengers and moored at Klippan in Gothenburg. 57˙Nord organises the entire event with the boat being the central part.

Niclas Franklin

Niclas is a security consultant and boat enthusiast. Being a bit of an entrepreneur he immediately saw the Agapi 950’s potential for providing a much needed service in the charter market, whilst also allowing him to be on a boat during working hours. Read more…

Rikard Holmgren

Rikard runs his own companies as a financial manager and accountant. He is also the other part owner of 57˙ Nord. Read more…

Johannes Hofdell

Tor-Leif Førde